When the heck is your new book coming out?????? 189

modotti_typewriter-sepiaIt’s time for an update…  I’ve been getting a lot of great emails asking:

When it this third Cryptid Hunter book coming out?

When is the third I,Q book coming out?

When is your next book coming out?

Thank you!  I’m glad you want to know.  Here’s the summary of what I’m working on.

There will be two more Cryptid Hunter novels.

There will be two more I,Q novels.

There will be three novels in the Storm Runners series.

I will writing the fourth novel in the upcoming 39 Clues series Cahill vs. Vespers.

There will be two novels in an as of yet Unnamed series.

The first book in Storm Runners will be out in February 2011.  I have finished a draft of the second book called The Surge.  This book will be out in Fall 2011.

I am currently working on the third Cryptid book called Chupacabra (this is a working title, and we’ll have to see if the name sticks).  At this point I don’t know exactly when this book will be out.  But rest assured I will let you know here, and on my Face Book Page, as soon as I know.

When I finish Chupacabra I will start working on I,Q Book Three.  At this point I don’t know what the sub-title of this book will be.  This book will be out sometime in 2011.

This means I will have at least three new novels out in 2011 (if all goes to well). Storm Runners, The Surge, and I,Q Book Three.  Also, the paperback version of Tentacles will be out in a couple of months.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  Now it’s time for me to get back to writing.

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189 thoughts on “When the heck is your new book coming out??????

  • Bobby John

    Do you see a 3rd IQ book? NO YOU DON’T!!! Because some stupid person (Roland Smith) can’t write fast enough!!!

  • Samantha

    When the heck is IQ,3 coming out you said it would come out in 2011 well it is june 2012. Please write it, my life depends on it. You should totally make a movie on them!

  • Amanda

    When is th book Chupacabra coming out? I love the your boks please tell me i just can’t wait. Also do you know where I can get the book?
    I am a huge reader so i have been hanging on to every word about the book.

  • Taylor asks

    I’m just dying for your next book Chupacabra to come out. Can you please tell me when it is being released and where I can get it. I would greatly appreciate that. Only if you have time thanks. I would also to know some more about your other books but only if you have time.

  • Matthew

    I think that the iq series would make a great movie but if they do make it into a movie i hope they dont get it all wrong like they did with the percy jackson movie. I wouod make a great director for the movie

  • Neven

    I can’t wait till chubacabra! I am probably your youngest Cryptid Hunter and Storm runner fan.(I just turned 10) I have read Tentacles like 20 times! When will Chubacabra come out? will they get grace and the hatchlings back?

  • Alivia

    Just wondering, will there be a third iQ book? I thought it was supposed to come out last year? Really would just love an update.

  • penguin

    You really, really, really, really, REALLY have to make a movie out of the Cryptid Hunters novel! It would be a hit! I can wait for Chupacabra!

  • Bryanna

    Hello Mr. Roland!
    I heard that the third book in the Hunters series was coming out this month, and I was wondering if it was true. I’m a huge fan of the books and I’ve read both of them at least four times, and maybe even more than that. I read the first sentence of Cryptid Hunters and was hooked. Even though I’ve read them both so many times, each time I read them, I get even more excited and surprised. Your my favorite author and when I read your books, I feel like I’m right there in the story with the characters. Being in the Orb with Ted Bronson, and in the Congo with Masalito, even in the high wire with Dr. Laurel Lee and Grace! You are an amazing author!

  • The Kraken

    Hey Roland how many more books do you think there will be in the series of Cryptid Hunters after the third Cryptid Hunters?

  • John

    Hey Roland I read your books and loved them all. But….YOU SAID CRYPTID HUNTERS 3 WOULD BE OUT SEPTEMBER 12 AND ITS OCTOBER!!!!! Also pleeaasseee make a sequel to peak!!!

  • Thomas

    I am a huge fan . Loved ch And tentacles I have read them both twice can’t wait for chupacabra to come out. P.s. I am your biggest fan P.p.s. Do you know if Yvonne the evil scientist will be in chupacabra ?

  • noah

    i love cryptid hunters i have been waiting forever for the new book i have read the others so much that i memorized them

  • Elizabeth

    I love your books and can’t wait for the 3rd Cryptid Hunter book to come out. Several friends and I all enjoy your books! You personally are one of my favorite authors and can’t wait for the rest of the books to come out!

  • Amber

    I’ve read IQ one,two,three and im dying to read 4-there better be a 4th one-please hurry i read one-three in 4 days you should make a whole bunch more!!!!

  • Frazier

    You are my favorite author, and your books are one of the best series i have every read! The IQ books are my favorite! I was wondering when IQ Book Three was coming out? It may already be out but I can not find it anywhere. Where could I find it? I can’t wait to read it!

  • Fenz

    I Love All of ur books!!!!!!!! read ’em all!!!!! huge fan! And have ALWAYS wanted 2 meat u in person! Eager for all the new books!!!!
    Excited to know when the books are coming out!!

  • Fenz

    Im 13 yrs old and am over excited for the next books!!!!!!! I hope to write like u someday and become an author!!!!! U have inspired me!

  • Jonathan

    I really love all your Cryptid Hunter books. They are the best books I’ve ever read! I wonder what happens to Grace. So when is the third book coming out?

    P.S you are the best author

  • Austin

    Ahem, earlier in this thread you posted that chupacabra would be out by September of 2012. I just thought that I’d inform you that it’s now the year 2013… Wake up Mr. Smith and finish that book! The cryptid fans have waited patiently (for YEARS!) while you finished the books for your other series. I think it’s high time you give us a release date on the third book! I don’t want any more of that “I’ll tell you when I know” stuff. We need answers! Now, please, may we have answers?

  • Gage

    I have both Cryptid Hunter books and I read tentacles in two days after it came out. I am actually re-reading the series now so that I am caught up with it again. Can not wait

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Mr.Smith! You are my favorite author! I was once a Harry Potter fanatic… and then I read Cryptid Hunters! Tentacles is such a cliff hanger, and I love that about a book. My friend thinks your stories are pointless, I absolutely love them! I actually wrote a 130 paged short story of what I thought should happen next… Not trying to be one of those creepy people trying to do your work for you. I will not rush art though. But maybe before i’m in 8th grade would be nice. (That means 3 years!!! Please hurry Mr.Smith!)


    Is there going to be a fourth IQ book i love the series sooo much i just finished the thinrd.

  • zoe

    I love the Crypt hunter series tentacles one of the first big books I’m actually reading I am on page 140 as of today but im still reading so that will prob change

  • Alex: Agent Mothman

    “Make a cryptid hunters based on mothman or I will hunt you down.” Is what Butch McCall would say. But seriously, do one with mothman. Best cryptid ever. This series is tied with the BONE series in greatness. Also, about how soon until Chupacabra comes out by now? There is another book called tales of the cryptids by halls, spears, and young. Great cryptozoology book. If you do decide to do one on mothman, use the mothman version with reflecting red eyes, giant wings,no actual arms, and 2 hairy legs. If you make the series into movies, don’t change anything. That always makes book based movies horrible. Check out the mothman prophecies movie and beast hunter tv series as well. Please respond.

  • Alex: Agent Mothman

    I forgot this in my last comment. I loved the sniper rifle lines in tentacles. Super epic situation+no emotion= laughing. This probably made me sound like a maniac.

  • Your Fan!!!!

    I have already pre-ordered Chupacabra! I have read the first two books at least 3 times each! I finally got my brother to read them, so now we are anxiously waiting to get our book!

  • Dana

    When will the 4th I Q book come out? I just read the first and loved it. Going to get the second and third today! You are a great author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    How do you find information about the criptids in your books? Like do you have a website with information all about criptids? ~you fan Anna

  • Anna

    Where do you find information about criptids?. Like did you have a website with information all about criptids? ~your fan Anna