When the heck is your new book coming out?????? 189

modotti_typewriter-sepiaIt’s time for an update…  I’ve been getting a lot of great emails asking:

When it this third Cryptid Hunter book coming out?

When is the third I,Q book coming out?

When is your next book coming out?

Thank you!  I’m glad you want to know.  Here’s the summary of what I’m working on.

There will be two more Cryptid Hunter novels.

There will be two more I,Q novels.

There will be three novels in the Storm Runners series.

I will writing the fourth novel in the upcoming 39 Clues series Cahill vs. Vespers.

There will be two novels in an as of yet Unnamed series.

The first book in Storm Runners will be out in February 2011.  I have finished a draft of the second book called The Surge.  This book will be out in Fall 2011.

I am currently working on the third Cryptid book called Chupacabra (this is a working title, and we’ll have to see if the name sticks).  At this point I don’t know exactly when this book will be out.  But rest assured I will let you know here, and on my Face Book Page, as soon as I know.

When I finish Chupacabra I will start working on I,Q Book Three.  At this point I don’t know what the sub-title of this book will be.  This book will be out sometime in 2011.

This means I will have at least three new novels out in 2011 (if all goes to well). Storm Runners, The Surge, and I,Q Book Three.  Also, the paperback version of Tentacles will be out in a couple of months.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  Now it’s time for me to get back to writing.

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189 thoughts on “When the heck is your new book coming out??????

  • Valerie

    Can’t wait for the third C.H. Novel… I read the first two and I’m like: “Ohmahgah when is this gonna come out I WANT TO READ IT!!!!” Those books rock.

  • CrypticallyWritten

    There’s a lot of Cryptid Hunters fans on Tumblr so I’ve been having fun seeing everyone’s reactions to Chupacabra. My lovely grandmother ordered it for my brother and me on Amazon and we haven’t had the chance to get it yet but I’m dying of curiosity. I keep telling myself that after waiting for a few years I should be able to wait a few more days. I love the first two books and simply can’t ever get them out of my head so it’s exciting. I really appreciated the fact that after I sent a fan email to Roland Smith, he answered. It shows that he really truly cares for his fans and appreciates us and our ongoing support. I can’t wait to read Chupacabra and I can’t wait for the fourth book to come out.

  • Jo Bardole

    You said there would 2 more I, Q books written before #3 came out. I just finished book 4, so obviously there are going to be more. How many more? I really like this series. I am donating all the books I read to a small school library that needs all the quality books it can get.

  • Lily

    if this was posted before 2011, is any of this relevant? Why can’t i find anything on the 3rd cryptid hunters book?!?1? i want to read it sooooo bad!!!

  • Brooke

    So cryptid hunters tentacles and Chubacabra all came out. Are you coming out with any more books??????????????????????????

  • charity

    I love the cryptid hunters series I did a report on cryptozoolgy in school. cantwait to read chucabra.My faveorite character is butch where you get theideafor him?

  • ally

    Is the fourth book in the I, Q series by roland smith the LAST ONE??!!! theres’ no title to the next book..

  • Lee

    Mr. Smith I receive recommendation to read your books from Killer Species #1: Menace from the Deep author Michael P. Spradlin on Facebook. I read your books out of order, and I love them. I’m reading the first book last. I just ordered 3 sets of each books to my daughter’s classroom teacher for her Library. Yes, I’m 50 years old and love reading good books. This books really take you and make you part of Marty and Grace’s adventures. Can you tell me when Chupacabra comes out in paper book? Many of the books are in larger paper back form and I’d like to donate this book to the class. Also, would love to have Cryptid Hunters also on my Kindle. Best regards, Lee

  • shawn

    I just finished chupacabra. Is the next book out yet? If not when is the 4th book coming out?

  • jayson Hibbs

    is there going to be a sixth book of IQ yes or no because I’m really in to it an it is a cool book.

  • summer voyles

    Hey roland ,

    Omg i finishd chupacabra it was awsome i liked the clif hanger blackwood says good back to where it all began there going to the congo i need details r you making a forth book plez do i whant info and is the forth jungle hunters i saw it online im wandering is that a new seres? ?????????

  • Abbie M.

    I loved the 3rd book! hope you come out with a 4th!
    Your books have a lot of excitement which i really like.
    If your coming out with a 4th. I’d get it first thing. Your books
    are really the best I’ve read so far!

  • Zach

    Hey Roland, just wondering when book four of the cryptid hunters comes out. Really looking foward to it.

  • Alyssa

    Mr. Smith-
    I am a HUGE fan I,Q, and I waited in agony for the fifth book to get into the library systems! When it FINALLY did, I checked it out, read it, and finished it all in one day. WHEN IS THE SIXTH BOOK COMING OUT???!!! 🙂 I am biting my fingernails from all of the plot twists… (no pressure)

  • Mackenzie Turner

    That’s great tgat there are two more books in the Cryptid hunters because I’m on a cliff hanger. Anyways is there any way you might be able to make a movie for the books in this series? I just want to see how accurate my vision during the book was but please try to make sure it’s almost exactly like the book if you make one.

  • roland Post author

    A film is up to those who make films. I just write the books. I do think the Cryptid Hunter series would make a great film though.

  • Prius (not really)

    When is the fourth Cryptid Hunters book coming out?? I waited forever for the third and it was AMAZING. 🙂

  • Kendrick Mason

    loved IQ 4 but is there going to be another book coming out and when? I can’t wait, please let us know.

  • Tafari

    Hello Mr.Smith I am a really Big fan of your books especially The Iq Series. I read Peak, The Storm Runners Series and of course 4 of the 6 Iq books. I thank you so Much for the great books. I was wondering if there will be a book 7 of the Iq Series? I hope there will be.

  • Tafari

    Hello Mr.Smith I am a really Big fan of your books especially The Iq Series. I read Peak, The Storm Runners Series and of course 4 of the 6 Iq books. I made a mistake and read “The Windy City” before i read “The Alamo”. I thank you so Much for the great books. I was wondering if there will be a book 7 of the Iq Series? I hope there will be.

  • Berit

    Can you please at least write a teensie epilogue for Mutaion? I’m not ready to let this series go. I just loved it so much. Please let the book follow Grace’s supernaturally long life. Loved your books!