Puallyup Fair Ribbons 1

photoAs promised here are the results of the last pie competition of the year at the Puyallup Fair in Washington.  Marie got a blue for her rhubarb, third in the Pillsbury Pie competition, and an honorable mention for her third pie.  Honorable Mention is not well thought of by her and Niki.  In fact, second is not well thought of.   Personally, considering how many pies are entered I think it’s great.  Niki’s carrot cake got Best of Show, which is indisputably great.

When I got home from Florida last night Marie was wearing the red Pillsbury apron she received for placing in the contest…very cute.

At my desk relatively early writing considering the 20 hour day on Sunday.  Hoping to get in a lot of work.

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One thought on “Puallyup Fair Ribbons

  • Kim

    Way to go Marie!! I think it is awesome that you enter these contests. It is a piece of a quaint past that you keep alive. Congratulations on the blue ribbon!