I,Q Final Two #50. Back home. Project OpenBook. 2

Slight change in the schedule today, which resulted in my waking up in my own bed this morning a day earlier than expected.  Marie and I both flew home from VA last night along different routes–she flew via Atlanta and I flew via Detroit–and we both arrived at PDX about the same time.  So this is kind of like a “snow day” for me (without snow) and I’m taking advantage of it by working on I,Q2.  I have FOUR DAYS at the farm, which is the longest stretch I’ve had here since the end of February.  Beautiful.

Thank you to all the students from VA who posted comments today about my visit to their school!  I had a great time.  And thank you to the librarians and teachers for picking me up and dropping me off at the airport and hotel.  I love our “driving” conversations.  It’s about the only time we really get a chance to get to know each other because we’re so busy when were at the schools.

SneedMy friend, illustrator Brad Sneed, has partnered with  Phil Haussler to create, Project OpenBook, a community-built children’s poetry site.  Phil and Brad have “seeded” the site with Phil’s poems and Brad’s illustrations.  They hope that lots of creative folks will get into the act and contribute their literary and visual masterpieces.  Their goal is to publish a book and give the profits to, Room to Read. Room to Read enables education for kids in developing countries.  Check it out, post a poem, and help a child.

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2 thoughts on “I,Q Final Two #50. Back home. Project OpenBook.

  • Pat.

    Cool, I can’t wait to read the second book of I,Q. I have the first one and I love it. Hi from Fargo, Pat.

  • sam

    I love your books. I hope you get I,Q finished soon! I can’t wait to read it.
    Keep writing,