I,Q Two #49. Byrd & Rolfe, etc. Middle Schools, VA 20

Good night’s sleep. Up at 5 working on I,Q2. The wonderful Marie sneaked out of the room while I was getting ready and brought me a cup of Starbucks. Gotta love that, and her.

RS EVENTBusy day today. I’m at Byrd Middle School, picked up at the hotel by the very nice Betsy Newman and Heather Bradenburg, where I’m speaking to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This is a two day event. Sponsored by The HCPS Middle School Author Committee and Henrico Education Foundation.

Tomorrow I’ll be at Rolfe Middle School. The Henrico Foundation is bringing students in from Tuckahoe, Hungry Creek, Short Pump, Pocahontas, Byrd, Mt Vernon, Fairfield Wilder, Moody, Brookland, Elko, and Rolfe.

As they pulled in to pick me up, yet another handsome bald man exited the hotel who they mistook for me. I stood by and watched the humorous scene unfold as they accosted the good looking gentleman thinking he was me.

The librarians at Byrd (yes there are 2 here, which is a beautiful idea) at Byrd are Janis Jones and Shannon Hyman.
The librarian at Rolfe are … They could not have been more welcoming.

Here’s a link about the two day event with a blog from students about my books.  Here’s some information about their annual author event and the students blog.

Beautiful day here in VA after 2 days of record breaking rain, thunder, and lighting.

Tonight I have a Skype visit with Midland High School in Pleasant Plains, AR, hosted by Literary Coach Angela Muse (I love her last name…because it’s something I hope for every morning when I get up to write).   A good number of students showed up for the virtual Q &A. Angela gave away free books to those who attended. Very cool!

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20 thoughts on “I,Q Two #49. Byrd & Rolfe, etc. Middle Schools, VA

  • Biz

    I was there at Byrd! You’re presentation was soooo funny!!!! I told my parents some of the Billy stories and laughed a ton. I also told them about the giant squid, but they already knew its scientific name. Oh, well. And guess what? When I showed them the signed I,Q book, they started laughing really hard because it looks like you wrote “F-Biz” and then signed!!!! I already finished I,Q and now my 5th grade sister is reading it. Don’t you just hate VA weather? It’s either rainy or too hot or two cold. My English teacher that wanted me to ask you about writing romance novels says you should try to get it published again. (jk, Mrs. D’A!) Thanks so much for coming to visit!

  • Takara

    Dear Mr.Roland,

    I really enjoyed your company and presence with us Fairfield Middle School.We had a wonderful time listening to you tell us about your stories and adventures you shared with us.:)

    Yours Truly,
    Takara Cooke
    Fairfield Middle School

  • Deja Brandon

    Hello Mr.Smith. I attended your presentation at John Role MS. I would like to thank you for coming and sharing your life story with me. I really enjoyed myself while there especially when you told me the billy stories. You have inspired me to write more.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Deja Brandon
    Mrs. Schwieder’s Advanced English Class
    Fairfield Middle School

  • jordan brown`

    Dear Mr.Smith,

    I really liked the program. I hope you come again soon.

    Thank You,

    P.S Are you going to write a Peak2?

  • Donnasia

    Hi Mr.Roland smith if you remember me from yesterday my name is Donnasia Davis( the one that had the white pant’s and brown vest on). I just wanted to let you know, if you don’t already, that you are awsome and is a amazing writer I am realy enjoying I,Q and i’m only on page 19.You are my new favorite writer.BYE!!!!!!!


  • Kaneisha Brooks

    Hi Mr.Smith,

    I really enjoyed you yesterday at Rolfe but I’m from Fairfield. I thought you were very funny and that you had a great personality. And I can’t wait for IQ2.

    Fairfield Middle School
    Mrs. Schwieder’s Advanced English

  • Maya


    I really appreciated your presence at John Rolfe Middle. Your stories were funny and your sense of humor really gets me laughing. I so can’t wait until Tentacles Two comes out.

    Yours truly,
    Maya Coleman

  • Kori Jones

    Dear Mr.Smith

    I greatly appreciated your visit at John Rolfe Middle. I thought it was a wonderful experience to meet an author in person. I also think that you have a wonderful sense of humor!!! If one of your books really become a movie I want to be the first to see it! Once again thank you soooo much!!
    Kori Jones from Fairfield Middle

  • Ann Marie Seely

    The students and teachers are still buzzing about your visit to Henrico County. We truly enjoyed your insights into the writing process. Can’t wait to read more of your books!

    Ann Marie Seely
    Educational Specialist – English
    Henrico County Schools

  • Jaela Harris

    Dear Mr.Smith,

    I am from Fairfield Middle School and I just wanted to thank you for the great presentation at John Rolfe Middle School! I am really enjoying the book Peak as we read it in school. You are a nice author. My favorite part of the presentation was when you talked to us about how to write a book in 4 minutes. So, thank you again.


  • Justin Sterat

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    Thank you for inviting Fairfield to meet you and talk about your books.

    Justin Streat

  • Amani Fuller

    Dear Mr. Smith,
    I enjoyed your company at Rolfe the other day. I hope we get to see you again at Rolfe or any other Middle School. I read a few pages of IQ, but it feels like I’ve read it for a good few months.
    Amani Fuller
    P.S: I represent Fairfield Middle

  • Justin R. Williams

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I had a great time. You are very funny. I love your Peak and I.Q books. You are one of the best writers.

    Your Friend,
    Justin R. Williams

  • Treykwon Meredith

    Dear Mr.Smith,

    Thank you for sharing your great sense of humor as you talked about your magnificent books. I loved the way you mentioned little Billy. It made you funnier. You were the first author I met and you will always be the best.
    Thank you,
    Treykwon M. Meredith
    Fairfield Middle School

  • Ruthie Baker

    Dear Mr.Roland Smith,
    I had a wonderful time listening about your books and your life, all exciting things. I understand why you are an author. I also thank you for sharing some of your wonderful experiences because I would like to travel around the world someday. Thank you again.

    Ruthie Baker
    p.s. IQ is a awesome book!!!:)

  • Teonna Tarry

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I had a wonderful time learning about your life and the books you have made. It was a wonderful experience to have a chance to meet you and I hope I will again. And I hope you had a good time with us. But keep on making awesome books like Peak and I.Q.

    Teonna Tarry

  • Zakiya Smith

    Mr. Roland Smith

    Dear Mr. Smith,
    Hi Mr. Smith. I absolutely love the book IQ. I can’t wait to read the second one. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!

    Your Friend,
    Zakiya Smith

  • Alexandra H'Sain

    Mr. Smith,

    Enjoyed Book One, can’t wait for Book Two.

    (if compliments were counted as plagerism, then a whole lot of us kids would be in trouble, eh?)

    C ya