Fairbanks, Alaska. 2

Stumbled into the hotel in Fairbanks very early yesterday morning. Slept late without at alarm, but I was up early today write before I headed out to speak.

Beautiful two days here. Blue skies with just a few clouds. Mid-50’s during the day. And it stays light until after 9pm. It’s getting into the season of the midnight sun up north.

Yesterday I spoke at the Fairbanks Regional Youth Facility High. Last night I spoke at the Fairbanks Public Library.

Today I’m at Lathrop High School, Hunter Elementary, University Park Elementary, then I fly the milk run to Bethel late this afternoon.

On the home front (I hear) Marie, Karla, and John have completely gutted the downstairs bathroom and family room. Ury the tile guy will start his thing today. Can’t say I was sorry to miss any that.

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2 thoughts on “Fairbanks, Alaska.

  • Carol Smallwood


    I’m so glad you enjoyed your quick tour here in Fairbanks. I’ve received many great comments back from the students and the teachers here at University Park, from your visit. Even better, many more of your books got sold, and also many of them were checked out from our library. There was a 3rd grade boy sitting in the library Friday morning before the school day starts, reading “Sea Otter Rescue”, and he is a boy who is a reluctant reader, so I call that a great success!