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My bag is packed and I’m writing this morning before I fly to Idaho, and of course I’ve switched back toRolandX4 my Moleskine journal to keep I,Q2 moving forward as I travel. There is nothing magic about writing in a Moleskine journal.  I just  like the size and the fact that it lies flat when I write, and the paper is good.

A teacher wrote yesterday and asked how to pronounce Moleskine.  Most people over here call the blank journals MOLE SKINE, or sometimes MOLE SKEEN.  But the correct pronunciation is: mol-a-skeen’-a. I had to actually look this up, because I’d never really thought about it.  I just use them to write my stories.  I use the one pictured on Roland’s Journal and on this Web Site, which you can go to if you want to learn more about them.  I also carry the small “reporters” version, which fits nicely in my back pocket when I’m on the run. But again, any notebook or pad of paper will do. A napkin will do if it’s big enough.

While I’m at it I guess I should mention the pen I write with.  But remember it’s just a pen, not a magic wand. A stubby pencil will do just as well.  I write with a Mont Blanc Starwalker with a blue fineliner cartridges (when I can find them in blue).  I like the sound and feel of the “scratch” the fineliner makes on the paper.  There is a very slight resistance on the paper when you put a word down.   Marie bought me this pen in Washington, DC several years ago.  I was visiting schools in Fredricksburg, Virginia while she was in DC doing research for her book about the Smithsonian. After I finished  school I’d walk down to the train station to meet her and we’d walk back to the Inn we were staying at.

On one of her trips to DC she  was walking by my favorite pen store, Fahrney’s Pens (since 1929), which I’ve been to many times. I asked her to pop in and buy a pen for me. She actually put me on the phone with the Mont Blanc rep who happened to be there, and after a brief conversation I settled on the Starwalker.  I like a relatively heavy pen.  Marie bought it sight unseen (at least by me) and I’ve used it ever since.  I also use this pen to sign books.  I like the idea of signing the books I’ve written with the pen I’m using to write the books I’m writing.

Several of the characters in my novels write in Moleskine journals.  Why? Because I write in a Moleskine journal.  Just like in I,Q2 I use an Omega Seamaster watch and an iPhone…these are both in the novel.  Writer’s sometimes write about the things they use.

The reason I mention this is that UPS just delivered 20 new fineliner (blue) refills, which I will use on the road for the next three months.  They’re hard to come by when you’re traveling.

I’m in Boise until Saturday.

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4 thoughts on “I,Q Two Final #24

  • Kelly

    My class just finished reading Peak, and we were having the discussion today about how to pronouce moleskine! Our technology guy, Kevin, was in our room (putting in a new projector for me), and he said, “it’s “mole-a-skeen-a”. He proceeded to give my students a little background knowledge of moleskine notebooks! It was really amazing. He referred to himself as a “notebook nerd”. lol Also told us that on Amazon there is a new line of moleskines known as the “passion” line. It includes book, movie, etc. journals. So, even though I was upset that my projector “broke” today, it turned out to be a good thing!

  • sequoia godfrey

    i really like your blog and books!!! my family is reading peak and so far we LOVE it!!!

  • sequoia godfrey

    hi again but i wanted 2 say i really really WANT TO READ ALL OF YOUR BOOKS and i think u r hilarious i think u r THE BEST AUTHOR EVER!!!! i 2 want 2 b an author.

  • TeacherStine

    Mr. Smith,
    I had the immense pleasure of helping out at the Young Author’s Conference here in Boise last week. I have had a box full of fountain pens in my classroom, waiting for the moment to used, for almost a year. After reading this post, I’m excited to get them out and educate my kiddos on the wonderful world of fine writing! (Being a Mont Blanc user myself, I was intrigued that you use them to write/ sign with!) Thanks for that little nudge and for the amazing books you write for teens!