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Someone wrote toe yesterday and asked how many chapters I had left to write on I,Q2. The answer is that I really don’t know. That depends on how long the remaining chapters have to be to finish the story. What a writer does…at least what this writer does…is to sit down and write until the book comes to a logical and hopefully satisfying conclusion.

I was up until 11 last night working and up again early this morning back at it.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I thought I would be finished by now and boarding a jet tomorrow with the warm feeling that I was done with I,Q2. It would have been in the editor’s and publishers hands.

Unfortunately, I lost a couple of days under the weather, spoke in Reno this weekend, and now I will be writing on the road for the next few months.

It will not take me “months” to finish I,Q2. It should be done in a matter of days, but the difficulty of writing on the road is that your time is not completely your own. I’ll be speaking, signing books, going to dinners…all things I like to do…but all of these activities are going to cut into the writing time.

Don’t be nervous (I’m nervous enough for all of us). Remember, I’ve written entire novels from the very beginning to the very end on the road in hotels, airplanes, rental cars, and at speaking venues before I start to speak.

I had a good day on I,Q “in between” getting ready to leave and organizing my schedules with Marie (who is in charge of everything except writing my novels).

I broke the 200 page threshold this evening, which means the end can’t be too far away.

Darn! No time for photos. My camera is in my jeans pocket, as always, but there was nothing worth taking a photo of as I was holed up in my office most of the day.

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