I,Q Final Two #39. Skype w/Geneseo Middle School in Geneseo. Port Edwards,WI.

Skype FaceI did a Skype visit with Brian Hofer and Geneseo Middle School in Illinois last night from my hotel room.  They chose “Elephant Run” as their “GMS On the Same Page”  book.  Everyone read the book then passed it on.   170 people showed up for the virtual Q &A about the book and writing.  Great fun!

Up early today and it looks like I’ll get in a lot of work on I,Q2 as it’s a travel day.  I speak in the Port Edwards IQ2 LapSchool today to K-8th students with the wonderful Karen Issacson, then it’s off to the airport to fly back to the farm.  A lot of  waiting which means a lot of writing.  I’ll get home around midnight PST, which is 2AM CST, which means about a 22 hour day.  Then I leave for Texas on Sunday.  I know…  “Why don’t you just fly to Texas?”   Answer: “Because I’d do just about anything to be home for even one day, hang out with Marie, and sleep in my own bed.”  It’s a road warrior thing.

I’m writing this post a bit early because it’s difficult to post as I’m running to catch flights and I know when I get back to the farm I’m going to park my bag stumble down the hallway and collapse into the aforementioned bed.  I can see into the future because I’ve done this so many times in the past.

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