Cypress Lake Middle School Skype 4

This morning I Skyped with about twenty wonderful 7th graders from Cypress Lake Middle School in  Ft. Myers, Florida to answer questions about “Peak.”  TheiCypress Skyper librarian, Dana Thomas is an old friend and a recipient of the 2009 I Love My Librarian Award sponsored by the ALA, New York Times, and the Carnegie Corp. of New York.  Congratulations Dana! You deserve it.

Afterward, I put my feet up and spent the rest of the day working on “Beneath.”  I hope to have it finished by the end of this week.

Feet up Working on Beneath

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4 thoughts on “Cypress Lake Middle School Skype

  • Dana Thomas

    On behalf of the students of Cypress
    Lake Middle, and their fantastic social
    studies teachers, Mrs. Sparkes and Mrs. Voyer, I’d like to thank you for making
    our first author Skype a memorable one.
    As always, our students loved talking
    with you. I believe you answered every
    question we had about the writing of “Peak” and much, much more! Now about
    that conversation we had about hurricanes today. . .we are available to share our own personal experiences with you for your next book. Always willing to help one of our favorite authors! Thanks again for making the reading of “Peak” a special literacy experience for our students. You’re the best!

    Dana Thomas

  • Jeannine Sparkes

    I want to echo Dana’s sentiments about yesterday’s SKYPE chat with you. My kids are SO excited to have had the chance to speak with you. I have at least 2 that are already carrying around Moleskines!

    They are very Jazzed about the idea that you may visit us next year, so I certainly hope that becomes a reality.

    Best regards,
    Jeannine Sparkes and her 7th grade students at Cypress Lake Middle School