Monthly Archives: February 2010

I,Q Two Final #20 3

#20? I thought I’d be finished by now. But I’m crawling closer. Up at 5:30, shower, Starbucks in the lobby, back in the room writing, suspecting I won’t get very far because I’m heading over to The Nevada Reading Week Conference for the day. As we pull up we get […]

I,Q Two Final #17 9

Up early again this morning to get some I,Q2 writing in before two virtual web visits with the student at Buda Elementary School in Buda, Texas and their very cool librarian, Jeanne Ditta.  The students were great readers and had wonderful questions about Sasquatch, I,Q, Elephant Run and my other […]

I,Q Two Final #16 2

It feels almost like a school visit day… Up at 4 writing waiting for a Skype visit with my friends at Eubanks Intermediate School in Southlake, Texas with librarian Lucy Drenka.  I was at Eubanks a few years ago and had a wonderful time.  I think this Skype makes my […]

I,Q Two Final #15

As alluded in yesterday’s post the day started out briskly by dealing with, let’s say…a creative difference of opinion. By the end of the day the difference was on it’s way to being resolved one way or another… A beautiful day on the farm, although I missed most of it […]

I,Q Two Final #14

Not many chores before settling down to work on I,Q2…  Moved a few more pieces of furniture back where they belong, hooked up the TiVo and picked several old films for it to record, which is about the only thing I watch on TV anymore. And now I’m at the […]

I,Q Two Final #13 7

The now famous 1996 Ford Taurus, our only so-you-want- to-be-an-author car was dead in the driveway when we got home from Mexico yesterday.  Not too surprising as it has been sitting in the driveway  for months.  I charged the battery yesterday.  Started fine, but the poor old thing was dead […]