I,Q Two Final #14

IQ2 Small CoverNot many chores before settling down to work on I,Q2…  Moved a few more pieces of furniture back where they belong, hooked up the TiVo and picked several old films for it to record, which is about the only thing I watch on TV anymore. And now I’m at the desk, wondering how I’m going to get this book finished by this time next week.  Don’t let this worry you.  I always  get a little neurotic when I get this close to finishing a book.  This was not been helped by some distracting news, which I can’t share with you.  Again, don’t worry.  Nobody I know  is sick, injured, bankrupt, etc.  It’s of a business nature and it will take some time, which I don’t have, this week.  (I know it’s probably a little annoying for me to mention this, then not tell you what it’s all about,  but I’m trying to shed as much light as I can on my writing life without crossing the thin line of  privacy, or boring you to death).

Pulled a late shift at the desk on I,Q2.  Stumbled off to bed about 11PM.  But I’m hoping for another early start tomorrow and another full day of work on the story.  It’s coming along.  That light at the end of tunnel is getting a little brighter, but it’s not a straight shot.   There are twists and turns and sometimes the light goes out until I get around the corner.

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