Central Arkansas Christian Schools 2

I’m at CAC today near Little Rock with 5th grade teacher Angie Diles speaking to 3rd thru High School students in yet another beautiful auditorium.

Outstanding students with thoughtful questions. And Angie is a dynamo of energy.

Gotta love the quote below over the urinal.

On my way to Harding U. with Angie where I’m speaking tonight and tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Central Arkansas Christian Schools

  • mackayle tucker

    hi u r an AWSUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! author and i really love ur book PEAK but wen u came too vist my school;CABOT MIDDLE SCHOOL SOUTH; i didnt have a book for u to sign!!!!!!!!

  • Zack Clark

    i was there when you were at the cac high school. i’m only in fifth grade.
    Mr.Diles or as you call her Angie Diles is my teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!