Wyandot Run Elementary & Mexico 2

I’m in Ohio for the week speaking at Elementary Schools just outside Columbus. This visit has been booked for at least two years, and it’s good to finally get here.

I’m at Wyandot Run Elementary today with super librarian Ann Murnane. We started the day of with a staff breakfast.
Great students, teachers…great day!

Marie and her mother left for Mexico yesderday, leaving S&K to take care of the farm. Marie will return on the 20th and we’ll fly back down to Mexico together at the end of November where I’ll spend the next 3 month on Sea of Cortez writing. Yahoo! And I’m sure my editors and readers are giving out the same shout.

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2 thoughts on “Wyandot Run Elementary & Mexico

  • Mrs. Hoover's Morning Class

    Mr. Smith-
    You will be coming to Indian Springs Elementary School tomorrow. We are very excited that you will be here. We have been reading many of your books in anticipation of your visit. We have really been enjoying the stories.

    We will see you tomorrow!
    ISES room 158

  • sammy

    hey Mr.Smith I had so much fun today listing to you.Thank you so much for coming today.I love your books.I know how hard you work to make your books so good.Again thank you so much for your time today .Hope to see you again sometime.