Out of Orlando

But not before we listen to an outstanding Irish fiddler, proving once again that this city has a wee bit of everything, including a Starbucks in the hotel lobby that opens at 6AM, for which I was very grateful. And speaking of Starbucks…

I read an article a couple of days ago that Starbucks had rolled out a new product…INSTANT COFFEE (what an idea) that people over here don’t like (apparently this is not the case overseas). I tried a sample while waiting for my latte this morning. It was excellent. I bought a box of the stuff. I guess those complaining about it have never been stuck in a hotel that doesn’t have a Starbucks in the lobby. I will have a supply in my carry-on bag from this day forth to fortify myself for writing at 4AM before I leave the room to “talk” about writing.

Marie and I had a fabulous time at F.A.M.E. Thanks for inviting us!

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