The Wildes

The Wildes: Captivity   Recently updated !

The Wildes have made some serious enemies in their last two adventures–and now they’ve all shown up in the little Texas town of Glen Rose with vengeance in their hearts. Moving the vaquitas to the Wilds has created quite a controversy and raised a national debate about how to save […]

The Wildes: Captivity

The Wildes The Vaquita

The Wildes: The Vaquita

Ring and Asia Wilde’s wild life is anything but ordinary. Instead of attending school, they travel the world with their tutor and parents (scientists who work to protect endangered species). On their last adventure, they swung through the Amazon rainforest to save their mom from vile kidnappers–while defending the forest’s […]

The Wildes: The Amazon

Ring and Asia Wilde’s life is anything but ordinary. Some of their closest friends are endangered monkeys and rare birds. Instead of attending middle school, they accompany their parents (scientists who work to save endangered species) on adventures around the world. They spend more time climbing trees, tracking animal prints, […]

The Wildes: The Amazon