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As many of you know I have had an amazing time visiting with thousands of students at schools across the country. Many of these schools have been repeat visits. Last year I visited over 100 schools coast to coast driving in our SUV. We are planning another “Author Tour Adventure” September 1st thru October 31st, 2017. Each visit will include up to four one-hour programs a day, which can be divided between two schools that are close by. I need a minimum of 3 or more consecutive days within the same district or area. To keep it simple all expenses will be included in my fee. Plans will need to be somewhat flexible until we have our dates set. We hope to complete the schedule soon so we can plan our route.

If you are interested in booking a school visit, email for details. Please pass this onto your colleagues on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. This Fall we hope to be visiting your school for a day of inspirational fun!

Roland Smith, author

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9 thoughts on “Author Visits September 1st thru October 31, 2017

  • Hailey Elaine Elder

    Have you ever thought about righting anymore Crypitid hunters book Chupacabra is my favorite book and i would love to hear more from Grace and Marty. Then I would like to thank you for letting everyone know the severity of claustrophobia, and that is one of the many reasons I loved beneath and above because I can relate to Pat. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  • Gabie David

    I love your books you should come visit Torrington Middle School in Wyoming.
    One question in the book IQ why does it say malak Tucker and Turner is it an error?

  • Pamela Grimes

    It is wonderful that you are planning a tour across the United States to do school visits. I am a teacher oversees at an international school in Germany. Our school year begins August 24th and I will be teaching “Peak” to my Grade 7 students. We will begin our year with this book. Does Roland Smith do Skype interviews with classes as his tour is not taking him through Europe? Or would it be possible for students to send some of their questions to him to be answered before they read his novel?

    I look forward to hearing form you.

    Your sincerely,
    Pamela Grimes

  • Federico Nicolucci

    Dear Mr. Smith,
    I know it is much to ask, but I would enjoy you coming to visit our school this week. I know it is on such short notice, but we would really love you coming. Many of the people in my class are fans of your books… Hope you can come.
    Sincerely, Federico Nicolucci Glades Prkwy 1101, Gator Run Elementary, Weston, FL

  • Janine Yvette Ross

    Mr. Smith:
    I am currently reading, “Zach’s Lie,” with my students. Of course, it is Amazing! I have been teaching reading for 15 years and have been using your novel as a study for my students for the past at least 10 years. I love it and the sequel, “Jack’s Run.” I teach at Pioneer Middle School in Cooper City, Florida.

  • roland

    Hi Janine! Thank you so much for using Zach’s Lie for you readers. I love Florida and have visited many dozen schools in the Sunshine State. Please say hello to your readers from me. Tell them that I have read 2 to 3 books every week for 60 years and that they need to spend some time reading everyday this summer. It will change their lives as it has mine.


    Are you available to come to Fairbanks, Alaska to our school, University Park Elementary? You visited here a while ago and I wondered whether you can schedule a visit this Spring 2020, if we can coordinate a few more schools in this area to make it worth your while, or instead of that, can you do a Skype visit with us? I have many of your titles in our library collection.