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6 thoughts on “Storm Runners book trailer.

  • Ellie

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am a huge fan of all of your books, especially Peak and I.Q. Although I haven’t read Storm Runners yet I can tell that,like all your other books,I will love it. Your books are so amazing and so detailed that they give me ideas of books I would personally want to write. I think your an inspiration to all young authors who want to write amazing stories, like a boy who really loves climbing or a boy that loves to chase storms. Keep on writing!

    Your number one fan,


  • Kathie Adams

    I read this whole series to my class last year. Everyone loved it! I had to buy multiple copies because after I read them, the kids wanted to read them again. More than one grew legs and walked away. I believe they now live with kids who used to hate to read!

    Several of our grade six classes read “Peak”, and it is always a favorite. You really know how to connect our kids to books! Thank you!

    Kathie Adams

  • roland Post author

    I couldn’t be happier that you and your students enjoyed the Storm Runner series and Peak. I they get to read some of my other books. Please say hello to them for me.

  • Hannah Daniel

    Your books are very inspiring! You have inspired me to write my own book as well. It is ready to be published soon. Looking forward to your next book! I will not stop reading your books and the Storm Runners series.