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43 thoughts on “February 11, 2011. Chupacabra continues.

  • Zack

    I love your series. I’ve read Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles and they are awesome! I’ve been waiting for a new series on Marty and Grace. Take your time though. I’m sure it will be a great book. I left a comment on your website and will see if you respond back. see ya later.

  • Anthony

    Roland, I am a big fan of your series Cryptid Hunters. I cannot wait for you to finish Chupacabra, and I ask that you email me as soon as you finish! Keep writing my friend!
    P.S. I’m thirteen

  • wyatt

    you are the best book wright ever the way u make books abuot cryptids myth is awesome with modern day tech you get my gold medal for the best book in the world

  • I

    Yay! I hope you can put an official release date for cryptid hunters book 3. I will be marking off the days. I have been wondering what would happen but its so unpredictable!

  • Sabrina

    Hi Roland, I love all of your books and i can not wait to read Chupacabra!!!! Grace reminds me of my self and i can’t wait to see if she gets back with her amazing dad in the next book!
    Plese email me back!!!!!

  • Haley

    I love Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles they are amazing and two of the most read books on my bookshelf and I can’t wait for the third about Marty and Grace. Thanks for continuing their story. 🙂

  • Your biggest fan!!

    Hey I was wondering what your new cryptid hunters book is going to be called? I absolutely loved cryptid hunters and tentacles and can’t wait for the third. Also when is it going to come out?

  • hAley

    I love all of your books. When I start I can’t stop literally. I can’t wait until Chupacabra comes out. I want to find out what happens to Grace, Wolfe, Marty, and Luther. Do u have a specific date on when it will come out. But take your time on it. I do hope i never come in contact with a chimp like bobo though because i like my red hair.

  • Sabrina

    Hi, do you have any idea when the 3rd book will be coming out????? thank you just read the two books for the 4th time!! and about to start storm runners!!!

  • Sabrina (not the teenage witch)

    I just reread Cryptid Hunters/ Tentacles for the hundredth time and the cliffhanger never fails to frive me crazy. Please hurry with Chupacabra!

  • Furqan

    I’ve read both Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles about a dozen time and I love them. I can’t wait for Chupacabra to come out.

  • Maranda

    What is Chupacabra going to be about? I mean I know the characters and stuff, but what about the plot and conflict?

  • Kevin

    hi, i sent a letter to Jerry Bruckheimer to make your series into a movie. finish chupacabra soon.

  • Veronica

    Roland i was really wondering when your new book was coming out. I am dying to read i don’t know if i can wait any longer. I really want to read it over the summer or know where i can get the book once it comes out. I devoured the fist two book so quickly and dying to read the next. Also on the slim chance you anwser me i was wondering if you do anwser you can also tell me when your I.Q books will come out.
    I would be so thankful i love to read esspecially your books i also finished the other trilogy you wrote Storm Chasers. Your books made me want to take on the tightrope i am doing well so can you please reply thanks.

  • Veronica

    Can you please tell me when you are releasing your book Chupacabra i would love to know and if you do respond which i hope you do can you also tell me when your I.Q books will be out. I have finished the Storm Runners trilogy and thought it was exellent. Grace inspired me to learn how to do acrobatic activitys and now i am currently learning the silks.

  • Kiki

    Roland, do you think you could tell me when your book Chupacabra wil come out?
    I am a huge fan and have read all of your books i mean every single one of them. If you do respond to this can you also tell me when your I.Q books will come ,too. Do you know where I can get the books that would also be awesome.Your Cryptid Hunters series inspired me to do acrobatic activity. I am now learning how to swing in the air on silks. Thanks i hope you anser you are an exellent author and if you read this i want you to know i am so thankful just for that.

  • lake

    Cryptid Hunters is my second favorite book of all time next to The Lost World. I’d be wonderful to have Chupacabra come out by the end of 2012.

  • Hannah

    I first read Cryptid Hunters when I was nine years old; of course I loved it and jumped at the opportunity to read Tentacles when it came out. Unfortunately, I have a habit of reading a series before it is complete and then forgetting about it without ever finishing the last installment(s). But today, I found Tentacles on my bookshelf and re-read it. Naturally, I searched all over the internet for “Cupacabra” and found that its not finished yet! I know your taking your time making this book good, but I have 6 years invested in this series, so please finish soon! I’m anxiously waiting 🙂

  • Matthew

    I just finished “Tentacles” and i was wondering if you have a specific release date for the 3rd book? I noticed that it said september 2012 but i want to countdown the days!

  • Johann

    Hi Roland!! I have read cryptid hunters and tentacles at least 5 times!

    I can’t wait till Chupacabra comes out next month!

  • Dmitriy

    Hi Roland i love your books especially the cryptid hunters series do you have an idea when Chupacabra might come out.

  • Ned

    i read cryptid hunters it was awesome are there any other new cryptids in chupacabra
    do the mokele mbembe eggs hatch and will there be any more books
    i love cryptozoology
    my dream job would be a cryptozoologist

  • Kade

    Llove your books cant wait to hear more about grace i feel really sad for her so hurry but dont rush on you book i hope it comes out soon maybe by my birthday which is november 27 i cant wait to read it i think about the ending of tentacles every day and it makes me sad so that is why i think you need to hurry and when chupacabra come out can you work on the next one

  • Luke

    Dear Mr. Smith,
    I never read unless it’s your books. They are amazing. I can’t wait until Chupacabra come out. I love Cryptid Hunters, so can you e-mail me back saying when Chupacabra will be in stores.
    Thank You,
    Luke Druckman

  • penguin

    Seriously! it’s December 2012 and Chupacabra STILL hasn’t come out! I’m getting desperate! will it be out by Christmas???!!!

  • Elisabeth

    I’m a senior about to graduate from high school. I’ve been reading your books since my mom bought me Cryptid Hunters in the fifth grade. Even though it’s numerous grade levels below my reading abilities, I cannot wait for Chupacabra.

  • Dylan

    Hey Roland smith, I’ve been waiting for the Chupacarbra book for 4 years now,Tentacles was such a cliif hanger. I originally was going to right an angry letter but I can’t stay mad for 2 long but please finish it and post the date it will come out on your home page. Can’t wait I’ll buy it as soon as it comes out.

  • zion

    okay so I don’t even know if you have already written book three of cryptid hunters but if you have, it would be awesome if you could email me when you have. huge fan of basically all your books though. especially “the captains dog.” thanks! I hope you keep writing books, because I know a girl who would be eager to read them. (me) thanks!!!!!!

  • js

    hey i have the iq book three but i still cant find the cryptid hunters book three i love tat book and i heard that my teacher talks to you(mr.hemani)

  • emma

    I LOVE your cryptid hunter series. I was actually forced to read the first book in school….(thankfully) now im in love! It took me only 3 days to read tentacles and i cant WAIT for your next book. Your characters are perfect for the story, and everything is so well . Please take your time and finish another amazing book!

  • Ravi

    I am in love with the Cryptid Hunters series and my friends and I were planning to make a trailer for Cryptid Hunters for my Honors English class.

  • Abi

    Chupacabra you say. Well, That means someone is headed to South America!
    I know it is going to be as good as your other stories so I can’t wait to get it in my hands.