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19 thoughts on “STORM RUNNERS March 2011

  • E LaMar

    This cover compels me to read it. My students will be waiting with excitement for this to be published and on their desks!

    Do you need any students to give feedback on the book?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. La Mar
    Springfield, OR

  • Mrs. Stuckey

    I bought Storm Runners at the book fair. I hope that I don’t have to wait too long to find out how it ends! Will The Surge be out yet this year? I sure hope so! What a great book!

  • summer ellis

    plz plz plz make a milion of storm runners wats gunna happen after the water rise ahhhhhh

  • Grace

    If i have an online code to read a couple chapters of Storm Runners: Surge what website do I go on?

    I loved the first book and I am thrilled to read the next one!!

  • Lynnea

    I have an online acess code to read the first chapters of the surge too. I know how to get to the site. But where do you type the code in?

  • nanci

    I’m going to contact my Scholastic rep and make sure that this is in my bookfair at the end of the month. Finished it in 1 day and can’t to tell my kiddos about it!

  • Cindy Sparks, Librarian

    Mr. Smith,
    My book club for boys only, The Page Turners Club here at North Central Middle School, will dive into your book tomorrow. Is there somewhere I can go to get activities, writing prompts and the like that go along with the book?

  • Janis Mohr-Tipton

    Roland I am booktalking”Storm Runners” and “Surge” in middle school classes in Jackson County, Or. You visited years ago.
    I really was kept riveted by the first book. Since Surge was released around the time of hurricane Irene, the whole story is so relevant to students living in non-hurricane areas, what happens in these big storms. Question: What hurricane if any did you base the first part the story on?
    Anything you’d like me to quote to students about you’ve learned from writing about hurricanes? Janis/JCLS

  • roland Post author

    Most of what I know about hurricanes are in the books. The fictional hurricane Emily is a compilation of hurricanes I’ve been involved with in the SE when I was a wolf biologist reintroducing red wolves. I have never been in one as bad as Emily…thankfully. I’ve finished the third book ERUPTION. It will be out in March.

  • alyssa

    i cant wait till the last book comes out!!!!!!!!! you r a very good writer!!!! i am your biggest 10 year old fan ever

  • Drew

    I am going to read the surge right now!I wonder how it will end. The book is great so far. This book was totally worth the buy!