Oak Ridge, Knoxville Schools

RobertsvilleI’m a bit late with this, but my excuse is that when I got home I got hung up writing…

I had a wonderful time in Tennessee last week visiting schools.  The visit was arranged by librarian Scot Smith who is incredibly well organized.  It could not have gone better.  On Monday I spoke to 60 fabulous 4th graders at Glenwood Elementary, hosted by librarian Amelia Bell.  That afternoon I was at Cedar Bluff Middle School with librarian, Janet Getz.  On Tuesday I was with librarian, Alan Sims speaking to 5th-8th grade is a nice little auditorium.  Wednesday I was with librarian Tena Litherland of the Web School speaking to middle school students.  On Thursday I was with Scot at Robertsville Middle School. That evening I made the long flight home.  The visit could not have gone better.  Thank you for inviting me!


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