#4 Grandson’s Birthday; Storm Runners; I,Q 2; Cryptid Hunters 15

We’re back up in Seattle for our youngest grandson’s 4th birthday. I love birthdays,

especially my grandchildren’s birthdays. It’s a beautiful day for a party.

In spite of the festivities I managed to get a little work in this morning on the third Cryptid Hunter (no title yet) installment. I’m still in the research stage, but my work on this book will be put on hold tomorrow because I received the edits for the first book in the “Storm Runners” series today. There will be three books in the series eventually. The first will published Spring 2011…not that far away…so I have some long revision hours to put in.

I’m still excited about the publication of “I,Q Book Two: The White House” And I hope you are tooPlease help me spread the word. If you received a newsletter announcement, forward it to people you know. Watch my YouTube video and forward it to your friends. (You can find the video on my Home page). If you read the book post a review on the Amazon or Barnes and Noble webpages.

Thank you for letting everyone know that “I,Q Book Two: The White House” is finally out!

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15 thoughts on “#4 Grandson’s Birthday; Storm Runners; I,Q 2; Cryptid Hunters

  • Laurinda Davison

    I just finished “I, Q Book Two: The White House” and loved it – no surprise there, huh? Now, I’m anxious to hear more about how the ghost cell is brought down (and what happened to Grace after the cliffhanger in “Tentacles,” too)so keep the writing going! CMS looks forward to your upcoming books and your next visit:)

  • Puertorricangirl

    Love your books!! I’m reading the independence hall for second time and it’s as if I I’m reading it for the first time. I’m willing to read The White House too. Keep on the good work! ^_^

  • chad bertagni

    hi i was wondering if there will be another book after IQ the white house?????? PLease say yes!

  • Shandy

    I was at the warrensburg festivial! I was so glad to see you! I had so much fun! I bought Your two I,Q Books! I Cant to start reading them! My brother seen you when he was little in his trunck he has a signed book of sasquatch! Anyway, I was Just Wondering When Will The Chupacabra (Sorry, I Dont Know If I Spelled It Right!) Will Come Out?????

  • Tiffany

    Hi there! I’m a Mom of four (ages 4, 10, 12, and 13). The oldest (the boys) and I LOVE all of your books! We eat them up like Lays potatoe chips! We just finished IQ book 2. The White House was such an exciting read. We can not wait for the next…slow and steady yes, but hurry!!! :)Is there a release date yet for book 3?

  • John

    When is the third book coming out? I can’t wait. I love your books and i’ve gotten most of my friends to read them.

  • Aaron

    It is already 2012 and your third IQ book has not arrived (and your third cryptid hunters book). No pressure, but when will they be ready???

  • aron

    I was wondering when the next Cryptid Hunters book will come out…They are amazing and I can’t wait to read the third one!!