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Tigard PosterI had a great time at the Tigard Library last night.  A big crowd showed up in spite of the beautiful weather outside.  They handed out 50 free copies of Tentacles to the first people through the door.  This is a beautiful new library with a great collection of books, a cafe, and a wonderful event room.  If you’re in the area check it out.

Thanks for inviting me and I loved your artwork?Cryptid Photo

I continue to work on my books, although I did take a break yesterday morning.  I was due for an cellphone upgrade, so I reserved an iPhone 4 and stood in line for a couple hours to pick it up.  It was an interesting experience in that I won’t wait in a long line to see a movie I want to see, or at a restaurant to eat good food.  Apparently a lot of other people have no problem waiting in line.  Everyone there was cheerful, even those who did not have a phone on reserve, and were probably waiting for nothing.  The Apple Store passed out water, coffee, and donuts.  I was interested to note that a lot of people in line were reading books on their iPhone or iPad’s.   I read a novel on my old iPhone.  It’s the digital age.  Oh…and the iPhone 4 is great.

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10 thoughts on “Tigard Library & iPhone 4

  • john (j.j.) kramer

    Thanks for the free tentacles book! I am reading JAGUAR! Happy summer vacation!

  • Lisa

    It was a pleasure, having you, Roland. Ever since we announced the event I’ve enjoyed talking to teens and tweens trembling with excitement. I’m glad they didn’t burst with joy and will now be able to expend some of that energy outside on these beautiful summer days.

  • Jill Evans (and Josh & Jessyka)

    Thanks for coming. We really enjoyed your visit and presentation. As a mom (and a substitute teacher) I really appreciated your comments on how important revision is in writing. A friend who lives in Gresham was not able to make it and is a big fan of your books… do you know if you will be making any more appearances this summer at Portland area libraries? Or is there somewhere they can look up your speaking schedule? Thanks!

  • Jacob P.

    Are you gonna turn your books for ebooks for iPad and iphone? I searched for you on the iBook store and you had no books there! It would be awesome if you put your books for sale (or free but that’ll never happen 🙂 on the iBook store!!! Are your boooks ebooks on any other ebook platform like for the nook or kindle???

  • roland Post author

    You can get “Peak” and “I,Q Book One: Independence Hall on the Kindle. There is a free Kindle App for the iPhone,Pad/Touch. iBooks is still pretty new. We may put the books there as well, but we’ll have to wait and see how iBooks develops.

  • chris A

    my dad got an iphone to help with his job. now he has a balckberry and an iphone, crazy dad