Puppy & Grandsons & Writing

messagepartAs I posted on Face Book  Sunday evening, Marie and I made an emergency trip to Washington to help our daughter pick out a puppy. They lost their old dog, Cochise, a few weeks ago.  Cochise used to be be our dog, but we sent him north a few years back because we away from home so much.

In my former life I was a dog trainer. Picking out a dog isn’t easy. If you make a mistake you will be living with it for the next 12+ years. Cochise was an Australian cattle dog, my favorite breed, but my daughter decided to change it up a bit and get a lab.  Good choice.  They’re wonderful dogs.  And we found a 12 week old female, which they named “Peaches,” or “Peach,” according to grandson’s #3 and #4.  Picked up the pup from a nice couple about 80 miles south of my daughter’s.

Zipped back down to the farm yesterday morning and got back to work on the books, which are going well.

Contractor is here today putting the last touches on the bathroom remodel.  Shower door arrives on Thursday, supposedly.  After that the project will be finished, essentially.

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