Cryptid Hunter’s #3. Jack’s 6th Birthday. I,Q2 Update. 56

This post is a little of everything.

We’re on our way up to the Seattle area this morning to celebrate Jack’s (grandson #3) birthday. We got him a pair of nice binoculars (all 6 year olds should have good pair of binoculars). Quit trip. We’ll be back tomorrow with Jack and his younger brother, Ethan, in tow, and their new puppy Peaches, for
a few days at the farm.

Last night I finished my re-read of Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles. It took longer than I thought it would (as it always does), but it yielded 10 pages if notes for the 3rd and 4th books in the series. I’m just about ready to start the draft, which I’m pretty excited about. If I can squeeze in even half of what I want to in the next installment it will be one heck of a book.

Finally, yesterday I got a copy of I,Q2 sent by overnight mail. It’s not officially out yet, but the fact that I have one in hand means you’ll be able to read it too in a matter of days. Stay tuned. I will announce the real publication date as soon as I’ve verified that it’s readily available in bookstores across the country.

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56 thoughts on “Cryptid Hunter’s #3. Jack’s 6th Birthday. I,Q2 Update.

  • Martha Halford

    Can’t wait till the IQ2 comes out. Just finished Cryptid Hunters and LOVED IT!!! I couldn’t put it down. Unfortunately, I left Tentacles locked up at school. May have to make a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy an extra copy. If you come back to Bentonville anytime soon, give a shout.

  • Mary

    My 10 year old daughter has begun each day since school ended with the same question: “Is the next IQ book out yet?” We are poised to launch to the bookstore as soon as we hear word. I won’t see her for a day as she sequesters herself to read…

  • Jessica

    I love the cryptic hunters series and you! Your my favorite author. I just cant wait for crypid hunters 3 to come out. I tetras the other two today. I forgot how good they are!

  • Rebeccah Rich

    My students and I would like to know when IQ #3 is coming out. We can’t wait.

    Currently, I’m reading Storm Runners aloud to my class and we’re loving it! Can’t wait for more in the series!

    We can’t get enough of your books. We’re also very excited to hear that there is a book 3 and book 4 for the Cryptid Hunters series!

    Thanks so much for making reading exciting for my students and I!

    Beccah Rich, 6th grade teacher

  • Kyle

    hi roland,
    LOVE love your work of writing and cannot wait until #3 of the cryptid hunters comes out. The first two are my all time favorite books.

  • Kyle

    hi roland,
    LOVE your work of writing and cannot wait until #3 of the cryptid hunters comes out. The first two are my all time favorite books.

  • Holly

    I absolutely love the Cryptid Hunters series and was wondering if they are purely fictional or possibly bassed on actual people or events?

  • Andrew

    Man the Cryptid Hunters series is soo awesome!!! I liked the fact that in book 2 you let Marty’s friend Luther join the crew. I hope in book 3 they will be getting into a lot of trouble together 😀

  • mariah

    Hi, my names mariah i’m ten yrs old my favorite book.can’t decide between CRYPYID HUNTERS!orTENTACLES!Ijust can’t seem to put thosebooks down .they are so interesting while reading those books i never have a parodox molement. when i’m reading the books i feel like i’m allmost there. it’s amazing. i’ve noticed in each book chapter 20 is ROSE.killed by the mokelamemembe Rose and wolf had both nerve and courage to be there in the congo with a newborn baby girl =GRACE. ican’t wait to find out what happened to synthia and her husband. whatever happens birtha and fill bishop will probably save the day as usual. please hurry up with book #3

  • Austin M.

    Roland Smith! You are my favorite author of ALL TIME!! My favorite book that you made is Cryptid Hunters. Then Tentacles, and I just know the 3rd one will be awesome!
    Keep up the good work!

  • emmory

    i love your books!!(: but i have a question! what is the name of the 3rd book to Cryptid Hunters, and Tentacles??

  • Mikki

    I just finished Cryptid Hunters not half an hour ago now im going to look for tentecles for my ebook so i can read it NOW!!!

  • mariah mcflurry

    OMG! i come home evey day and get on the computer with the same question….. IS THE NEW CRYPTID HUNTERS BOOK OUT YETT. i can’t wait. i wish it wasd already out. i will probably finish it in like 2-5 days. can u atleast publish a HINT of what it will be about. i can not wait. the day it comes out i will probably be one of the first ones to order it!!!!!!!! try you’re hardest to make it soon please. i am gonna finish the twighlight series b4 this thing comes out!!!!!

  • Kirsten

    I gave my 12-year-old nephew 3 great novels for Christmas this year:
    Boyce’s Cosmic, Korman’s Swindled, & your Cryptid Hunters. His favorite: Cryptid Hunters, and he wrote me a Just So story about how the Thylacines became extinct to thank me (Killer line: Artemis was not about to be bested by a striped demi-god with a marsupial pouch.) Thanks so much for the great books, & I hope that #3 at least is out in time for his birthday.

  • Anna

    Roland i love all your books but the Cryptid Hunters series is by far my favorite. I read alot of adventure books (you could say i have no life) and i just keep having to come back to this series. I cannot wait untill the third comes out!!! Thanks for the great books and keep up the great work!!!! 🙂

  • Caleb

    Just read storm runner (it just happens I’m a storm chaser!) and i couldn’t put it down. the flashlight batteries went dead and i had to stop though… Really excited for Cryptid Hunters #3 and I,Q 3 and The Surge!

  • Brendan

    When is the estimated date cryptid hunters book #3 will be published because I love the series and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  • nathan

    y havent u made all your books in to e books yet i would love to bee able to read tenticals on my kindle

  • Miles

    Dear Mr.Smith-
    Even though I am trying to restrain myself, I must admit I am quite excited for the the third installment in th cryptid hunters series. I have been waiting for quite a while- since I graduated from 5th or 4th grade a few years ago. As you may be expecting, I felt I had to ask when it is coming out. I don’t particularly expect a reply, as l assume you are very busy writing your books. I am not going to write and say that I am your biggest fan– other people have already taken care of that. Just want to get some information, and thank you in advance-

    Miles D.

  • Callie

    I love your books!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait for the next book in the crypted hunters series!!!!!!!!!
    You are a ausome writer!!!!
    I bet it will be full of adventure and excitement!!!
    Do you think your books could ever be movies???

  • Drew

    Roland I am very curious when your 3rd cryptid hunters book will come out because I am very anxious to know

  • Catherine

    Hey, so when are you planning on having Cryptid Hunter no. 3 come out?! I’ve been waiting almost 5 years dude! Please have it out soon

  • Drew S.

    I read Tentacles before i read Cryptid Hunters and absolutely loved it so i read Cryptid Hunters and loved that too! Ever since i read them in Fifth grade iv been wondering and waiting for the third book and now i hear not only are you gonna make a third, your making a fourth to 🙂 its like a dream come true!
    Keep on writing ’cause you have really interesting ideas that turn into really great stories!

    Thanks for sharing your books with the world and making many kids and adults alike very entertained 🙂