Secondary Reading Council of Florida. I,Q2. 2

translogoI spoke at the Secondary Reading Council of Florida today in Melbourne, Florida. It was a great crowd and a lot of fun to see, and hang out with, my old friends Tonimae, Claudia, Elaine, Cathy, and a couple hundred other reading teachers. It was held on the beach at the Crowne Plaza in Melbourne.

Before my luncheon talk I did a Q&A with an enthusiastic group with a lot of interesrinf questions about books and writing. I love doing Q&A because I never know where it’s going to go.

In between all of this I worked on the final IQ2 edits. Got back to the hotel 41iE3xR2vWL._SL500_AA300_from the Clearlake Middle School yesterday evening. Worked for a few hours, went to sleep, then woke up about 11PM and worked until 4AM, then went back to sleep. I mention this here not to whine, but to give everyone an idea of what writers (all writers) have to do to get their books done. I actually like this part of the writing process. IQ2 has shaped up nicely.  I like what the editor has done to make it better. Finished this evening and sent it back to the editor.  I like what I’ve done to make it better. It’s exciting to know it will be out in a few weeks and in your hands.

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2 thoughts on “Secondary Reading Council of Florida. I,Q2.

  • Laura

    I’m amazed at how fast it will be in the stores from the time you send your final changes to the editor. Wow! And…very exciting.

  • roland Post author

    It’s actually unheard of. 12 to 18 months is the norm, but readers have been waiting a long time for the second I,Q.