I,Q Two Final #46. Marie at the Smithsonian. 1

Farm MarchA few hours in the farm bed…  There is no place like home, even for a few hours. And as you can see it’s getting very green here.   Up at 7:30 after a few hours sleep.  Laundry.  A couple of errands.  Then…yep you guessed it…back to work on I,Q2.  Making progress. Scratching the final chapters into the Moleskine because even though I’m home, I’m not really home.  I’ll be back on a plane early tomorrow morning.

As I mentioned Marie is signing “S is for Smithsonian” today at a couple of the museums.  It’s probably too late to catch her today, but she will be signing tomorrow:

American History Museum 12 to 2pm

Air and Space museum 3 to 5pm

I’m making this short.  I have to get back to work.

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