I,Q Two Final #43. Armand Bayou Elementary & Space Center Intermediate. Texas 1

SprinklerI must be working hard, or wearing out…  Fell asleep at 6:30 last night and woke up at 4:00 this morning with the alarm.  If the alarm hadn’t gone off who knows when I would have woken up, although I do feel relatively rested this morning.  Gotta love this image to the left.  On the ceiling directly above my bed.  I wake up to it everyday.   Good safety tip.  Don’t hang your clothes on the fire sprinkler.

As I finish the last of I,Q2 (and let me remind you this doesn’t mean I know when I’m going to be finished or IQ2 Lapwhen the book is coming out) my editor Judy G. is going to send me notes about the first 200 hundred pages as I jog towards the end.  The book is in pretty good shape, but “pretty good” is not good enough.

I have a little of everything today schoolwise…  This morning I’m at Armond Bayou Elementary in Houston speaking to K-5 grade.  This afternoon I’ll be speaking at Space Center Intermediate in Houston to 6th through 8th grade.  Then back to the hotel to write a few minutes before hitting the bed for more zzzz’s.

Byou Space

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One thought on “I,Q Two Final #43. Armand Bayou Elementary & Space Center Intermediate. Texas

  • Sarah Jones

    Hey Mr.Smith. I was one of the students at Space Center Intermediate. You are truly inspirational. 🙂 The other awesome thing was, that my old school was Armand Bayou Elementary! I loved PEAK the most, out of all of your books, I hope you can write a sequel. That would be so awesome! 🙂 You are truly AMAZING! 🙂