I,Q Two Final #27

One of those very busy, frenetic days on the road. I was up late last working on I,Q2, packing, getting reading to leave Boise. Up this morning at 6AM.

I spoke twice at “The Young Writer’s Conference” hosted by Stephanie Youngerman and a group of fabulous volunteers, then I signed for a couple of hours, then it was off to the airport to catch a flight to PDX. The Boise Young Writer’s Conference has been going strong for over two decades!

The flight back to PDX is more like a “touch and go” as Marie and I head to Missouri 6AM tomorrow morning. I’ll have just enough time tonight to wash my clothes, eat, repack, and sleep before we take off. When we get to KC Marie is spending the night with our good friends Joan and Doug Arth. I”ll be heading over to Chillicothe to speak Monday and Tuesday at schools, then I head to Independence to speak Wednesday trough Friday at schools, then I speak at a conference on Saturday, then I drive to Warrensburg to speak at “The Children’s Literature Festival…an event I rarely miss. (I’ll be writing more about that next week).

I call this “wild writing” and it will be this way until the end of May. Working on I,Q2 in between as long as I’m able to hold my pen and head up. Just a few more chapters to go… So, I’m going to make this short. A lot of work to do.

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