I,Q Two Final #9

Up at 5:45 after a relatively late night of writing.  I managed to move the story forwaIQ2 Small Coverrd yesterday in between the sound of tile being laid and bags being packed.  Marie’s sister, Marcia, arrives today with nephew John. We’ll ride up to Phoenix with Marcia on Thursday and fly up to the farm on Friday.  John will stay down here with Marie’s mom.

As you can see by tIMG_0180his photo I transitioned back to the Moleskine.  I did this because I’ll be on the move until Friday evening, driving and flying home.  I’ll get a lot more work in by going back to the old fashion way, which is also my favorite way to write a draft.    The reason I mention it here is point out that you don’t have write your draft in one way.  It’s good to change it up from time to time.  And traveling for a few days is a great excuse for me switch.  The only problem with handwritten drafts is that you can’t back them up on a flash drive, therefore they become very precious until you get the words into your computer.

Managed to push the story forward today a few more pages in between a couple errands, company arriving, dinner at Pete’s Camp, and walking my nephew John through the ‘solar system.’  Never thought I’d be able to say that I walked someone through the solar system.

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