I,Q Two Final #10

Up at 2AM working. What??? Don’t ask me, I’m just the writer. Perhaps my brain IQ2 Small Coverknows it’s going to be a busy day with company and the workers, and the wee hours of the morning is the only time to get my work in. When this happens I don’t fight it. I just go with the flow and see where it takes me.  Well, it took me to about 5:30 when I fell asleep on the sofa for an hour more.

I’m back to iPhone journal/blog mode. So, please excuse any thumb typos in this post. I think my brain has completely slipped into road mode, along with writing in the Moleskine, both of which are definitely a road things.

At the rate I’m scratching words down I should more than half my writing in for the day before anyone wakes up.

I’ll have to go into town later to do some errands and perhaps show nephew John around so he knows where things are. Best tortilla factory. Best grocery store. Best donuts. Best fresh squeezed OJ. Best silver. Best restaurants, etc. Don’t want to leave him in a lurch down here.

And then the packing will continue. We have a lot of stuff to haul back, which is unusual for a guy who spends the majority of the year living out of a small carry-on that easily slips into an airplane overhead compartment.

Today I concentrated on Malak’s scenes in the book, writing several of them, which I will paste into the story in the appropriate spots. There are several things going on in the story simultaneously from different POVs. It fun to jump in and out of the minds of these characters.

Anna and SingerGlad I got up a bit early.  As predicted there were a number of things to do today.  Adios Sea of Cortez!

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