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SwapUp at 6… Took a little bit of break this morning to go to my last Swap Meet.  I’m not a donut guy, but I love the donuts at the meet.  One a week. Got my last one for this trip and took it back to the house to eat while I work on I,Q 2.  Of course, it didn’t exactly work out that way.  The contractor came by to discuss the final touches to the remodel.  Looks like it’s going to be finished a day before, or on the day we head back north.

That taken care of, and the donut consumed, I’m in the bedroom working on I,Q 2,Donut while Marie is in the courtyard scrubbing bricks (I’m not kidding) so she can put sealer on them.  I definitely have the better of the two jobs today…

Aside from the donut there were a couple other minor distractions.  Marie’s earring came apart and got sucked up into the shop vac.  Amazingly we found the five tiny silver pieces and I got the earring back together good as new.  The kitchen cabinets arrived…well enough of them so the tile guy can start laying counter tile on Monday. And we discovered that the way they level ovens down here is with Coke caps.  (The ovens don’t have adjustable feet).  The caps actually work quite well.  Oh…and we’re almost out of water.  No showers until the waterman shows up and fills the tank.  We’re hoping he comes today.

IQ2 Small CoverThree steps forward, one step back.  On further consideration I cut out a major plot twist in IQ2 today.  I hate doing that, but there wasn’t much choice.  It was just a tad too much.  If I’d left the scenes in it would have been very difficult to resolve the conflict.  The scenes were affecting the characters reaction, or lack of reaction to the events.  Sorry to be so obtuse.  It’s not easy writing about how I’m writing a story without giving the story away.  Some day after you’ve read the book (and if I ever meet you) make sure you ask me about this and I’ll tell you exactly what happened here.

When you’re writing a novel, or a story, everything you add and take away affects everything else in the story.  It means you have to go back and consider what affect the cut or addition has on what you’ve already written.

Ahh… Marie is able to sense this author’s troubled  mind.  She just brought in a plate Food of rice, avocado, cucumbers, and couple of quesadillas, which goes a long way in making up for the sections I just had to cut out of the story.  The food had a good affect on me.

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2 thoughts on “I,Q Two Final #6

  • Eva LaMar

    Roland, I am a teacher at a school with around 90% high poverty kids. So many kids are disconnected from the love of reading. Then comes Cryptid Hunters…. I read part of it out loud to the students and left it off at the point of no return… they were lining up in droves to get their hands on the books. I aimed them at Peak and others in our library.

    Thank you for writing… for bringing your skills and gift to the youth (Okay, I just stayed up late reading yet another of your books). We eagerly await the next in line to find out what happens to Grace and Wolfe.

    I also have an autistic son who loves all things dinosaur and cryptid. He is hooked on your stories and can’t wait for the next book. Thank you for inspiring a love of fiction, something that children with autism struggle with.

    Rock on…. write on….

    Eva LaMar
    Eugene, OR

  • dakotadegatina

    hi im dakota im at school beliveiw middel school you will be comeing here soon i am a huge fan so see you soon im going to class now