Will there be a sequel to Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles? 885

I’ve gotten a lot of email since Tentacles came out asking if there will be a third book. You’re fast readers!

The answer is yes, and there will probably be more books after the third with Grace and Marty and the Cryptos Island gang.

Next question: “When will it be out?”

Answer: “I flattered, but the ink is barely dry on Tentacles. All I can say is that it will be out a lot sooner than Tentacles appeared after the first book, Cryptid Hunters.”

Next question: “Do you know the title?”

Answer: “No. I generally don’t come up with the title until after I finish a book.”

Next question: “Do you know what happens?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Last question: “Will you tell me what happens?”

Answer: “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the third book. Sorry.”

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885 thoughts on “Will there be a sequel to Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles?

  • Whitney Nowlin

    Any news on the third book in the Cryptid Hunters series? I have students anxiously waiting and the latest I can tell them is 2012 and it’s already April 2013. Any news would be greatly appreciated!

  • David robinson

    I’m soooo excited for the sequal to tentacles I’ve read both cryptid hunters and tentacles over 10 times each and I’m currently reading cryptid hunters again your my favorite author and I hope the sequal will be out soon, I will defiantly be one of the first to buy it

  • Hailey

    I agree with Abigail, we were told that it would be out in the fall of 2012! My dad and I got our hopes up and then, BAM! 2013 is here and there’s still no book, I’m very disappointed. 🙁

  • Vlad

    You said chupacabra is coming out in fall 2012, yet it is already May 2013 and no book. Whats going on ?

  • Lucy Miller

    Mr. Smith you are my favorite author ever!
    I love books so much that i ask for a trip to Barns & Noble every week. My mom says that i am addicted to reading. I want to be a marine biologist and authorbwhen i am an adult. Hopefully i can be as goood as you. You are the coolest and if they had something higher than superlative form I’d use it! Crypyid Hunters and Tenticals are my favorite books of yours. Thank you for all that you do for the world.

  • Jack

    I hope soon you write the book. you have inspired me to write to. I wish to see this book soon.

  • bookadict

    OMG, love your books, but hope that knowone makes it into a movie before i can, it would be so much fun. when i’m bored i sometimes write what i would do if i actally did get to make it into a movie. you did a great job, no, amazing job on the books, can’t wait until the next one comes out. you are the best author ever!!!! you better get the next book out, and fast. i’m going to read it as soon as it comes out.

  • morgan

    I love the cryptid hunters series and I,Q but in the past few years you have written more for I,Q than for Cryptid Hunters. I hope you can publish another book for CH soon. Thanks!

  • Madison

    I just found these books in my schools library this year. I read them and loved them, but looking at the dates I am relizing that it is taking way to long to complete. either it is going to be a great page turner or it is not a priority. please please please write it so I know what happens.

  • Evan

    it would be cool if they went to lock ness for the lock ness monster , or meet the Chupacabra in mexico, big foot in the mountains, or even the thunder bird in the sky, the suspens is killing me, but i hope its something that i named.

  • Evan

    you may wonder how i know this BECAUSE I’m may become a criptozoligist and possibly an author and if your reading this roland smith can i be in the book i could be the kid that always has a book and know lots of info about cryptid

  • rich

    Let me just say i have been a huge fan of cryptid hunters since i was in 3rd grade i have probably read it more than 20 times and i hardly ever read a book more then once, it just never gets old. Im looking forward to the third book im buying it the minute it comes out you are an amazing author.

  • Cantus

    Wow, I read your book Cryptid Hunters when it first came out, now I’m a 15 year old high school student, and I’m still anticipating the next addition to this series. I don’t even read that often, but when it comes to something like Cryptids, I’ll be there every step of the way.

  • ThisPuppyBites

    Wow, but didn’t Tentacles come out in 2009? I’ve already read it twice and predicted where your going in the whole “grandmother” thing (though I’m not sure) and it is now 2013, so what’s up? And is there a series (or trilogy) name? That would make searching this so much easier… Anyway, please please finish the next book. And Rose was wrong. Grace is just as strong as her, and she wasn’t corrupted, so Grace won’t be corrupted. She can make it.

  • ...

    I am reading Chupucabra. I think that’s how you spell it. I read Tentacles and Cryptid hunters but I read Tentacles first so I kind of spoiled it. Cryptid Hunters was still incredibly good (read in 3 days) so it must have been even beater if I read it first. WOW! I wonder how good the book was for people who read Tentacles first?

  • Sarah

    Hi! I love your writing! I was wondering, it’s not exactly on THIS subject, but, do you know when the four Marty and Grace book is coming out? Please reply. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  • Esther

    Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to finish a book on a cliff hanger when is the sequel to chupacabra coming out!????

  • Brittany

    I JUST finished Tentacles and I want a third book. Please hurry up on finishing it. And thank you.

  • Sharon Hawker

    Both books were fantastic! When is book 3 coming out?
    Also is Cryptid Hunters exactly the same book as Jungle Hunters?

  • Savannah else

    Is Jungle Hunters and Cryptid Hunters The same book. When I googled Jungle Hunters, It gave me the same summary as Cryptid Hunters.