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For those who have read my novel “Peak” this is a very interesting email. Stranger than fiction… Thanks for letting me share this, Jenny. And good luck on your trek.

Dear Roland,

I’ve never written to an author before but I wanted to tell you how your novel “Peak” came to our family.

Early last year, my 15 year old son Josh was arrested after scaling (free climbing) to the top of our local lighthouse. From what I can tell, the police took him for a “jumper” and were well and truly pissed off to learn, after they’d come rushing from all directions, that he was just doing a recreational climb. They laid tresspass charges against him that luckily we were able to later talk the sergeant into dropping.

And there’s another bit that I have yet to mention…. Josh’s father and I are now separated but we originally met 20 years ago high in the Himalayas while trekking in Nepal, him from Scotland and me from Australia. Unlike Peak’s parents, I have never been a climber but trekking in Nepal has been a huge part of my life.

Sounding familiar?

Anyhow, about 2 weeks after the climbing incident, I came across Peak in our local library and passed it on to Josh thinking he might enjoy reading it.
To my absolute delight, he was completely inspired by it and has asked me to take him to Nepal. So we are off in December for 3 weeks trekking in the Annapurnas (his first time, my fourteenth)

Thank you for your delightful story that resonates so closely to with family’s story (I find it a bit freaky really!) and thank you for helping to get my son to the point where he is wanting to explore the Himalayas I love so much.


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11 thoughts on “Peak Email

  • Josh

    Roland, I really appreciate you pubishing my story, it’s such a fantastic thing you do writing this blog and showing some respect to the people who are supporting you.

    I found it fascinating reading Peak, as it was so strangely similar to my own life (well, I haven’t climbed Sagarmāthā yet). I’ve continued free climbing and parkour, and I’m currently training 3 times a week in the city (3:08 as well as indoors once a week for gymnastics. I’m hoping to step this up and start climbing witha few friends of mine sometime next year (after I convince mum, that is).

    Once again, I really appreciate you publishing my story, it was great to be inspired in such a personal way.

    Cheers, Josh.

  • Katie

    I Loved your books Peak, and Zack’s lie series. I think that they should make a movie out of them they are so good =) I hope you are making another book for both of those =) Cause I can’t wait to hear what happens next ^^

  • Room 26

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    We are a fifth grade class from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We just finished reading Peak today and loved it! We have been exploring your website and blog and watching some video trailers of other books you have written. Many of us are excited to read some more of your novels soon! We would so greatly enjoy if Peak turned into a real movie some day. We would love to read a sequel to Peak or another book in the Cryptid Hunters series.

    If you have some time, could you please send us some writing tips? We have been very busy writing our own stories and would love to have some help from a published author.

    One question a student in our class has is “Where do all of your ideas for your books come from?” Another student would like to know “How do you build action and excitement into your novels?”

    We would appreciate any help you could give us. 🙂

    Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas!

    The students of Room 26

  • kaleb

    6th November 2016
    To Roland smith
    Dear Roland Smith
    I read your book,´´ Peak´´ as my first quarter reading project and I enjoyed the book a lot i loved all the detail that was in the book from when Peak was climbing the skyscraper to when he was summiting everest with his father. Keep up the good work
    Sincerely, Kaleb

  • Andrew Rosinski

    I’m going to begin reading Peak with my 8th grade students. Is the Blue Mountain symbol Peak uses a nod to Tennessee Williams?
    Thank you and congrats on your continued success,
    Mr. R

  • roland Post author

    Peak has been optioned for film many times. Perhaps one day someone will turn it into a movie. I write about things that are interesting to me. It takes me twice as long to research a book than it does to write it. I get my ideas for the story from the research I do. It takes about a year to write a book (minus the research) this is where all of the action and excitement comes from. I go over and over the story for months building the action and excitement by revising the story.