New book named ABOVE is the sequel to BENEATH 2

Pat O’Toole and his brother, Coop, are on the run from an enemy that specializes in hiding in plain sight. Along with their new companion, Kate, they’ve narrowly escaped a cultlike community situated beneath the streets of New York City. Kate has lived underground since birth, and the world above thrills her, but it’s treacherous as well. With the cult’s leader — Kate’s grandfather — on their trail, will they spend the rest of their days as fugitives? Who can they trust but each other?

The adventure that started Beneath concludes Above in this action-packed thriller.

ABOVE by Roland Smith




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Beneath, by Roland Smith




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2 thoughts on “New book named ABOVE is the sequel to BENEATH

  • Georgia Bizal

    I just finished reading “Above.” I loved it! I had worked at a local bookstore for 16 years. It closed in October. I was finally able to get to Kansas City last week and bought the book at Barnes and Noble.

    I retired from teaching a year and a half ago after 41 years. I read many of your books to my students: “Zach’s Lie, Jack’s Run,” the” Storm Runners” trilogy, “Sasquatch,” the “Cryptid Runners” quartet, etc. After I retired from teaching, I reread “Zach’s Lie and Jack’s Run,” my favorites. I can’t wait for your next book!!!