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3 thoughts on “Storm Runners book trailer.

  • Ellie

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am a huge fan of all of your books, especially Peak and I.Q. Although I haven’t read Storm Runners yet I can tell that,like all your other books,I will love it. Your books are so amazing and so detailed that they give me ideas of books I would personally want to write. I think your an inspiration to all young authors who want to write amazing stories, like a boy who really loves climbing or a boy that loves to chase storms. Keep on writing!

    Your number one fan,


  • Kathie Adams

    I read this whole series to my class last year. Everyone loved it! I had to buy multiple copies because after I read them, the kids wanted to read them again. More than one grew legs and walked away. I believe they now live with kids who used to hate to read!

    Several of our grade six classes read “Peak”, and it is always a favorite. You really know how to connect our kids to books! Thank you!

    Kathie Adams

  • roland Post author

    I couldn’t be happier that you and your students enjoyed the Storm Runner series and Peak. I they get to read some of my other books. Please say hello to them for me.